Our teams

More information about the different West Bridgford Colts teams.

As children progress from mini-Colts they will be placed in a dedicated squad with a team name.  If the team stay together, they will retain this team name as they move through the year groups.

Sometimes teams may disband and every effort is made to place players in a team at an appropriate level to aid their development.

In addition, as teams progress from 5-a-side to 7-a-side, then to 9-a-side and finally 11-a-side, this requires some forward planning to ensure teams have enough players.  This sometimes means that teams will merge or change, but again every effort is made to place players in a team within their year group.

Youth teams

A youth set-up containing teams for all ages, including Pan Disability.

Mini colts

Open to both boys and girls starting from Under 5’s (children in Reception).


Senior Men’s and Women’s Football Teams playing on Saturdays and Sundays.

Looking to join?

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