Veteran’s team

Set up in 2010, the Vet’s team trains on Thursdays and plays on Sundays.

For players aged 35+

It’s been over 10 years since Chris Lee created the West Bridgford Vets for season 2010/11 with the backing of Linsco Recruitment to fund the start up.

During those years great rivalries have been created with local sides like South Notts and the Gedling Southbank sides and further east the Vets from Grantham,Long Bennington and Bottesford.

Roberto Pietraforte of Wollaton AC managed and played for the side until the Covid era bought a halt to the East Midlands Veterans League. His extensive “Contact Book” and motivational skills reached a peak in season 2018/9 which saw the Conference East Title bought to Regatta Way with a tremendous 35 points from 14 matches and only one defeat 1-2 to great rivals Grantham. Highlights of the season were 8-0 and 6-0 romps over Long Bennington and Bottesford respectively. The Hooters sponsorship/wings went down very well with opposition sides!

Without doubt the other major highlight of Pietrafortes’ reign was a Cup defeat to Stapleford Borough. Why you ask was a defeat so dramatic? The 100+ spectators who spilled over the touchline had come to salute their Notts County heros namely Mark Draper, Ian McParland, McDonagh et al. Storming into a lead 2 goal Draper was subbed off before a great Pietraforte solo goal signalled a Bridgford comeback. “Draps” was recalled to the action to complete his hat trick and seal the 5-3 win against an inspired Vets performance.

Promotion to the Championship became a poison chalice as the increase in standard plus losing key players added to the Covid interuptions. Pietraforte moved on with his Wollaton AC charity work taking up his time.

Several new Management teams followed namely established players Chris Merryweather and Mark Baker and then Caine and Dale Thomas but the writing was on the wall with survival in doubt.

One consistent factor in all these years has been Keeper, Secretary, Treasurer, Kit Man, Referee – Adrian Ford who has somehow kept the Club solvent sourcing new kits, home pitches etc behind the scenes.

Moving forward for season 2022/23 in a new Division sees a new Management team with ex Title winners Rich Stevenson and Ritchie Hopkin bringing new hope and players to the Club.

With training every Thursday 8-9 at the Lee Westwood 4G at NTU the Club encourages more of the Colts family to perhaps give training a go in the future.

For more information please contact Adrian Ford:

Telephone: 07707030679


The latest fixtures, results and league tables for the men’s vets team can be found on the Nottinghamshire FA’s Full-time website here.