Tom Maccabee Memorial Fund

The Tom Maccabee Memorial fund has been established in conjunction with West Bridgford Colts, the club Tom played at through his teenage years between 2002 and 2011.

The aim of the fund is to help children and youngsters play football who might not otherwise have the opportunity. In a search for a suitable project to support, the trustees have agreed to partner with Nepal Youth Foundation to build a football ground located close to Olgapuri Village – the new NYF children’s home village in Kathmandu.

Young boys and girls from the surrounding areas already play on the ground but have found playing there to be increasingly frustrating because of its uneven surface and because of its location on top of a hill, so the ball often falls down a long drop.   With the support of the memorial fund NYF plan to even out the corners of the pitch and install a high fence around the circumference of the pitch. The villagers have agreed that once completed the pitch can then be shared between the children of Olgapuri Village and those from the surrounding villages.

An orphanage in Nepal is a particularly fitting location for a project since Tom had volunteered at an orphanage there after A-levels and wrote about it being one of the happiest times of his life. It set him on a path of work in the voluntary/charity sector that was tragically cut short.

You can keep up to date with this partnership and other developments with the Memorial Fund at the Facebook page

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