Under 10s

For more information about joining the Under 10’s please contact the year group rep.

Saturday teams unless stated

Forza & Ragazzi                 Anna Smith    Anna.smith@rolls-royce.com;

Forza & Ragazzi                 Lee Gadsby lee.gadsby@googlemail.com;

Stalloni Romilly                 Mullen  stallonicoltsad@outlook.com;

Diavolo’s                             Thomas Yates     thomasandhelen@sky.com;

Liberos                                  Ben Horner  Ben.Horner@boots.co.uk;

Toros                                     Alistair Hume    alistair.hume@nottingham.ac.uk;

Sunday teams

Deportivo Red                   Rob  Holland rob_holland@icloud.com;
Fire                                        Cheryl   Newman  cherylp40@gmail.com;
Deportivo White               Ellen  Hobbs   ellbell1111@hotmail.com;

The latest fixtures, results and league tables for all teams can be found on the Nottinghamshire FA’s Full-time website YEL football league

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