Here’s a list of our girls teams and contacts. Please note all of our girls only teams play on a Sunday

U8 Sun, Moon, Stars –Team Contact: Andrew Tomlins

U9 Tornadoes –Team Contact: Jacklyn Butcher

U9 Hurricanes –Team Contact: Shereen Munatsi

U10 Lightning –Team Contact: Andrew Tomlins

U10 Flames –Team Contact: Andrew Tomlins

U11 Lions – Team Contact: Kelly Joynes

U11 Tigers – Team Contact: Richard Seth-Smith

U12 Leopards – Team Contact: Mark Wright

U12 Pacific – Team Contact: Nicola Newborough

U13 Atlantic – Team Contact: Sharon Walker

U13 Wolves – Team Contact: Helen Forster

U13 Lionesses – Team Contact: Laura Powell-Perry 

U14 Vipers – Team Contact: Helen Wallace               

U14 Pythons – Team Contact: Claire Stafford   

U15 Comets – Team Contact: Rachel Watts

U15 Rangers – Team Contact: Judita Wibawa

U16 Dynamite – Team Contact:Paul Hussain

U16 Wookiees – Team Contact:Steph Mee

U18 Rockets – Team Contact:Jeremy Ward  

Women’s Development Team – Team Contact: Lynne Taylor 

Women’s First team – Team Contact: Tim Robinson            

The latest fixtures, results and league tables for all girls teams can be found on the Nottinghamshire FA’s Full-time website: Nottinghamshire Girls and Ladies Football League

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  • Posted January 31, 2022 10:49 am 0Likes
    by westbridgfordcolts

    Please check out our teams pages and contact the teams direct that are appropriate to the age of the player

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