It has come to our attention that a game of football involving contact (tackling) has been arranged and played in the Nottingham area in the past 24 hours.

The YEL Board are firmly of the belief that this pandemic is not, or anywhere near, over. Over 44,000 people have died in the UK so far. Many of our members will have their own stories of personal tragedy where they have lost loved ones or friends/work colleagues to this terrible virus. All aspects of everyday life have been affected for all of us including the loss of our particular sport, football.

Steps are being taken, slowly but surely, to try and return life to something like what we knew preMarch this year. Everyone has made sacrifices to get us to this point. Regardless of your politics, these rules and guidance are being set by those at Westminster in order this to happen. Irresponsible actions from anyone who thinks they know better is not just putting themselves in danger but is also
incredibly selfish as it could have more far reaching consequences on those of us who are following the rules.

The YEL staff have worked hard within the guidelines produced by the Government and The FA to ensure that there are three plans in place to allow us to create a league ready to go whenever the conditions are right to start. We will continue to follow the guidance from The FA and the Government as we, like everyone else, want to see a return to competitive football as soon as it is safe to do so.

This game falls outside the jurisdiction of the league and therefore it is hard for us to impose any sanctions on the teams involved, assuming of course, that they are from YEL member clubs however, all information provided to us will be passed onto Notts FA who we would hope, if able, will take the appropriate action against the teams, their clubs and most importantly, the coaches involved as they are the ones who have to take the ultimate responsibility for this game between two teams in full club kit – not the children involved who will be like every other child in the country, desperate to get back to playing the game they love.

We would appeal directly to those two teams and the adults involved – You know who you are and the fact that this game has taken place in direct contravention of current FA and Government guidance has caused a lot of ill feeling amongst a number of the YEL community. If you are YEL teams from YEL
member clubs, please desist from this behaviour until we are given the green light to play again – It shouldn’t be that much longer to wait. Remember, membership of the YEL is not a given, and existing members can vote for teams to be removed should they feel strongly enough about an issue.

A final message to everyone in the YEL Community. As a league that is responsible for organising the vast majority of youth football across Nottinghamshire, we, at the YEL, feel we have a responsibility on
behalf of all of our members to remind everyone to read the current FA guidance; adhere to The FA guidance; and NOT PLAY ANY GAMES INVOLVING CONTACT ie matches – until we are instructed we can do so. You have a responsibility not just to your players but also, to everyone else in the wider

Rob Harwood CEO
For and on behalf of the YEL Board
Issued 11am 15.7.2020