Who’s Who at WB Colts

Chairman    Peter Stansbury;  chairman@westbridgfordcolts.com

Vice Chairman  Phil Traquair; phil.traquair@hotmail.co.uk

Club Secretary  Rob Holland;  rob_holland@icloud.com

Mens Secretary  Adrian Clark;  adrianmclark@btinternet.com

Treasurer   Lesley Dingley;  lesley.dingley@nottingham.ac.uk

7 a-side pitches  Emna Downey; emnasg@gmail.com

9 a-side pitches  Emily Morgan;  emilymmorgan@hotmail.com                       

11 a-side pitches; Jo Worster; jo.worster@outlook.com              

Winter training pitches  Lesley Dingley; lesley.dingley@nottingham.ac.uk

Media & Publicity  Jannine Reekie;  info@westbridgfordcolts.com

Social and Fundraising Secretary    peter.stansbury@yahoo.com

Welfare Officer  Jackie Bradshaw;  welfare@westbridgfordcolts.com   

Club Administrator  Julie Lazarus;  jdlazarus@btinternet.com                                                

CRC Processor Debbie Henthornwbccrb@gmail.com


Mini Colts  Nick Gordon Brown;  nick@goalfood.com

U9 joint year rep Thomas Yates;  thomasandhelen@sky.com; 

U9 joint year rep Jamie Gardener; gardner_jamesd@yahoo.co.uk;

U10 year rep  David Doughty;  dgdoughty55@gmail.com

U11 year rep  John Snow;  snowio@hotmail.com

U12 year rep  Paul Hudson; paulh.wbcolts@gmail.com

U13 year rep  Elaine Stansbury;  elaine.stansbury@yahoo.com  

U14 year rep  Tony Mitchell;  tonymitchell.wbc@gmail.com                       

U15 & U16 year rep  Anne Mckinlay;  annemckinlay@me.com                            

U17 & U18 & U19 year rep  Nathan Corden;  nathan.corden@btinternet.com                       

Girls rep  Gary Marshall;  wbcfcgirls.gary@gmail.com

Men’s rep Adrian Clark;  adrianmclark@btinternet.com

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