Who’s Who

Chairman    Peter Stansbury

Vice Chairman  Phil Traquair

Treasurer   John Snow

Club Secretary  Julie Lazarus

Football Development Officer: Rob Holland

Men’s Secretary  Tim Robinson

7 a-side pitches Ian Pimlott

9 a-side pitches  Nick Brown             

11 a-side pitches; Jo Worster              

Winter training pitches; Clare Traquair

Media & Publicity;   David Bratton

Welfare Officer  Jackie Bradshaw

Club Administrator;  Julie Lazarus 

Girls rep  Gary Marshall                                         

Mini Colts  (boys and girls in key stage 1) Chris Smith

U8 (year 3) year group rep; Chris Smith 

U9 (year 4) year group rep; Matt Carswell

U10 (year 5) joint year rep Thomas Yates and Jamie Gardener

U11 (year 6) year rep  David Doughty

U12 (year 7) year rep  Nick Bennett

U13 (year 8) year rep  Paul Hudson

U14 (year 9) year rep  Elaine Stansbury

U15 (year 10) year rep  Tony Mitchell                     

U16 (year 11) year rep  Anne Mckinlay

U17 & U18 & U19 year rep  Nathan Corden               

Men’s rep Tim Robinson

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