Who’s Who

Chairman; Peter Stansbury

Vice Chairman; Phil Traquair

Treasurer; John Snow

Club Secretary; Julie Lazarus

Senior Section Secretary; Tim Robinson

7 a-side pitches; Laura Stenhouse

9 a-side pitches; Nick Brown             

11 a-side pitches (Saturday); Jo Worster 

11 a-side pitches (Sunday); Jo Richmond       

Winter training pitches; Clare Traquair

Media & Publicity; David Bratton

Welfare Officer; Jackie Bradshaw

U8-U18 Girls rep;  Mark Marshall                                  

Mini Colts  (boys and girls in key stage 1) Alex or Chris

u8 (year 3) year group rep; Alex or Chris

U9 (year 4) year group rep; Sally Howell

U10 (year 5) year group rep; Alex Eadie

U11 (year 6) year group rep; Matt Carswell

U12 (year 7) year rep; Jamie Gardner

U13 (year 8) year rep; Richard Elliot-Garwood

U14 (year 9) year rep; Nick Bennett

U15 (year 10) year rep; Paul Hudson

U16 (year 11) year rep; Elaine Stansbury                    

U17-U23 (year 12+) year rep; Nathan Corden               

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