Club background

Club Background:  Founded in 1990, we now have over 93 teams and over 1,300 players registered, ranging from training groups starting at u5’s through to the veteran’s and men’s teams and a thriving girls’ section. Our founding principle was to give as many local children as possible the chance to play football, and our club philosophy is very much centered on player development, aiming to give every player the chance to maximise their potential whilst having fun learning new skills.                                                                      

We believe this culture is partly why the club is so big and has become the largest youth football club in Britain. We strive to find a place for all, and then nurture all our young players carefully, so as they develop a lifelong love of the game and to support this we have a fluid but structured player-centered pathway as detailed in our player development plan so the development through the age groups / format transitions is clear.

We are also a long time FA Charter Standard club, and have just been awarded their prestigious Community Status.

We couldn’t achieve all that we do without our volunteer helpers and as such the club has invested in preparing this document to help guide you through the years.

Player Pathway:      There are 3 main sections of the career of a WBCFC player (and coach). As a club we can accommodate roughly 90-100 players per age group with about mid 60’s on a Saturday & mid 30’s on a Sunday.

Mini Colts                                                                                                                                         

u5 & u6 Soccer School, u7 & u8 5v5 – 9 teams on a Sat & 4 Sun using Pool system

Main (YEL league) 

u9 & u10 7v7 – 6 teams on a Sat, 3/4 Sun, Fixed squad of 10-11

u11 & u12 9v9 – 5 teams on Sat, 2/3 Sun, Fixed squad of 12-12

u13 & u14 11v11 – 4 teams on Sat, 2 Sun, Fixed squad of 15-16


u15, u16, u18, u19 & Mens

As we progress through the ages some teams by necessity diminish and some merge.


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